A Whole Lot of Loving Going On

Photo by Tim Pirfalt
Photo by Tim Pirfalt

How much does God love Jesus? Do you want God to love you that much?
That’s a trick question because He already does.
God loves you with the same amount of love He has for Jesus and you can’t stop Him from loving you that much.
When Jesus was praying for future believers in John 17 – praying for people who would eventually believe in Him because of the eye-witness accounts of the disciples – He prayed that we would all be one  “…so that the world will know that You sent Me, and You have loved them just as you have loved Me” Slow down and let that sink in. “that You [God] have loved them [us believers] just as You [God] have loved Me [Jesus].
That’s more love than I can actually wrap my head around. I almost feel as if it couldn’t be true; like it would be self-centered to believe I could have as much love as Jesus. How much love am I allowed to have? It’s written clearly in the Bible. God loves me as much as He loves Jesus. God loves you as much as he loves Jesus.
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Brant Hanson says in his book Unoffendable that sometimes we complexity things to avoid the simple. Simple things like giving and receiving love.
God’s love is a fact and you can receive it. You can respond the same way you respond to anybody you love. Spend time with him.. Listen when he talks. Tell him what you’re thinking.

When it’s God we’re loving we sometimes put “Christianise” on those responses and make them seem complex.

I think I must have my quiet time every day…receive a word from the Lord…pray.
But it simply boils down to a love response.
We love because He loved us first.

How will you respond to all that love?

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