Jesus Doesn’t Spit

Jesus would never walk in to my church and spit. He wouldn’t come to our prayer meeting and, when somebody asks for healing, spit on the ground. He certainly wouldn’t rub that saliva on their body. That’s disgusting!
Or would He?
This was more than one person’s actual experience with Jesus. In John 9 Jesus spat on the ground and made mud from the spit. He healed a man who had been born blind by rubbing the mud on the man’s eyes and telling him to go wash it off in the pool of Siloam. I would’ve run to that pool. In Mark 8 Jesus was in Bethsaida and spit directly on a man’s eyes while healing him. These men could’ve started the Church of the Spitters.

I would’ve dismissed that church as really gross weirdos. They would’ve thought they were following the example of Jesus healing. They wouldn’t have been wrong.

I’m being silly but It makes me wonder what else I dismiss? What makes a man act like he does? People have experiences that color their perspective. Our experiences shape how we interpret the world. His might be foreign to me. That’s why we can come to vastly different conclusions from the same evidence.


I’m concentrating this week on not dismissing somebody else’s perspective even if especially if I don’t understand it. I’m believing the other person’s life experience is just as valid as mine. I might still come to different conclusions but I’ll do it with love and empathy

When things around us don’t make sense, make room for other people’s experiences and perspective. This is part of loving our neighbor the same way we love ourselves.


Live Free Thursday


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  1. “When things around us don’t make sense, make room for other people’s experiences and perspective.” YESSSSSSSSS!!!!! Thank you thank you for this! Beautiful! #livefreeThursday

    July 14, 2016

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