How Much Faith Does it Take to Get a Miracle?

How much faith does it take to get a miracle?Picture this: Jesus goes to His hometown to teach. His neighbors and classmates and His mom’s friends all come to hear Him. They’ve seen him be a boy and then a man and know nothing about His divinity. They didn’t really believe Jesus so He wasn’t able to do many miracles there.

I used to look at that story and think, “Silly townspeople. Jesus would’ve done a lot more if you had more faith.” These days I read the story and say, “So You’re saying there’s a chance.” A few of those people did get a miracle.

Jesus did things for people in the bible who weren’t showing any signs of faith.  Matthew wasn’t in the crowd of people looking for the Messiah; he was at work. Jesus stopped by his office and told him to follow. (Matt 9:9-11)

The woman whose back was bent for 18 years didn’t ask Jesus to heal her on the Sabbath. Jesus called His daughter to the front and healed her. (Luke 13:10-13)

The widow at Nain was walking in her son’s funeral procession. Jesus saw her, had compassion, and gave her the boy back. (Luke 7:1-15)

Jesus saw all these people, knew what they needed, and gave it to them. This gives me hope.

When I pray do I have the kind of faith that will heal me? These people didn’t even exhibit enough faith to ask the question. Jesus saw them anyway.

The bible says in Hebrew 11:6 that when you ask you must believe that He is and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.  What does His reward actually look like?

I believe that He is but can’t decide what He’ll do. I believe that he does heal but can’t decide when He’ll do it.

I know Jesus is powerful and compassionate. We’re told to ask. Ask, like the blind men, for Jesus to have mercy on us…then leave the answer up to Him.

What if we stopped trying to measure our faith (Is it bigger than a mustard seed?!!?) and let Jesus do His thing. He knows what we need.   Right before Jesus teaches his disciples The Lord’s Prayer he makes this statement: Your Father knows what you need before you ask him.  (Mat 6:8)

Can we trust Him and praise Him while you wait to see what He does?

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