Do You Want to be Famous?

Do you want to be famous? Me too. I would love everyone to see what I’m good at.


If I was famous I’d have lots of money, a million followers on Twitter, and drive a car that doesn’t have a cracked windshield. But think about this…If you had the choice would you rather be famous or known? Famous for something you did or known for who you are. I think the desire to be famous is a counterfeit for something we truly need. Fame can be lonely; being known connects us. Lots of people see what a famous person can do but who really sees us?

But here’s the tricky part – it can be scary to let your true self be known. I’ve let people in who’ve misunderstood or judged me. Ouch. It makes me want to hide.

I’ve also let people in who see and love me. It’s worth the risk! We can be known AND loved. There are people who’ll love the real you when you let your walls down. There’s a God who already does.

My 2-year-old granddaughter Jasmine knows every time she climbs on her makeshift stage and sings a song she has our full attention. We applaud and take pictures like paparazzi. She shines under the light of our love.
Jesus loves us like that; we have His full attention. Jasmine doesn’t need all the parents in the neighborhood to watch her show; just her own. Even when our show looks more like taking a tantrum Jesus looks at us with love and helps us through it.
He sees us. He knows us. I think that’s famous enough.



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  1. Suzie Eller said:

    This statement:I think the desire to be famous is a counterfeit for something we truly need.
    That’s powerful!

    August 18, 2016

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